Friday, June 20, 2008

Rihanna Live Today Show

Rihanna took the stage on the “Today” show this morning for their concert series on Rockefeller plaza. She performed

Take a Bow
Please Dont Stop The MusicUmbrella

She did a great job! I loved her "Take a Bow" performance, Just loved the song even more now. She sounds great live.

The rest of the performances after the cut.*

Dont Stop The Music



  1. the performance was dry to me
    No shout out to the connection with them..
    I like her but I dont think she sounds great

  2. I love Rhianna, but whats up with the blue hat......I guess once you are rich you can wear whatever color you want. She's a specticular singer.

  3. She is still rocking the umbrella song???

  4. Love her in this cap - so cool!!!

  5. boss has finally sat his ass down somewhere..

    That cap looks so strange with what she is wearing though...

    I dont agree with anon about not having a connection with the audience...she winked!!!lol

    But dannng I need her makeup artist in my life...

  6. i really haven't been feeling rihana n a while now

  7. rihnna is not my regular type artiste but i LOVE her

  8. i didnr really like take a bow lyrics i thot it was too cheesy

  9. She's cute, but the hats have got to go. Is that her new thing?


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