Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Album Covers: SoL-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams

This is Solanges official album cover, I admit, I love it. It's beautiful and very artistic. The old albums and instruments in the background, with her standing on the curb, with her angel wrings, portraying the "SoL-AngeL" concept. I diggs it, lol. Be sure to pick up the album in stores everywhere on August 26!


  1. nice nice nice....its everything shes about

    and does sol-angel have a particular meaning,always wondered

  2. I think it's just a combination of her name and the word Angel, although there's a few others with that name. It fits her uniquely, and I believe this will be her "star name" for a while, if the album is a success.

  3. as far as album covers go...

    it looks like something any1 could do on photoshop, I wish she'd taken a more simple approach

    The Quarter Hug giving life to the people

  4. michelle's album pushed back to 7th of october...here's the official statement:

    The album in the US was just moved to October 7th.
    We are now going to work two new singles - "Hello Heartbreak" at Dance Radio to follow up the number one “We Break The Dawn” and “The Greatest” at all other formats.
    We are adding more TV for August and September so that Michelle can come out with a big bang and knock’em dead.
    We are going to have special promotion where folks can get the album early in late August.
    Stay tuned for details.

  5. WTFF @ Bryan???...
    oh my god :(

  6. I think the cover is a little busy. It's too much going on: I see a junkyard, a disco, Crayola crayon colors! But I do love her hair! Hope this album makes her a superstar!

  7. @ Fresh & Fab: Solange's name means angel of the sun; hence Sol-angel, but i also love the cover it's so weird, so Solange. Loves it


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