Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mariah Carey and Aubrey O'day Visit TRL


Yesterday, Mariah Carey was a guest on TRL, She talked about married life with Nick Cannon and working with T.I. on her latest single 'I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time,'. Its was a nice interview, She had that "Marriage Glow" as they call it.

Two days ago, Danity Kane star, Aubrey O'Day paid a visit to the TRL studios, she talked about her Hairspray debut, Her new clothing line and the new "Making The Band 4" season, nice interview.

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  1. why is a 38 year old woman wearing that, disgusting
    I DONT CARE HOW GOOD YOUR BODY IS, it aitn cute!

  2. d video was unavailable. i really wanted 2 hear her gush abt nick & marriage! & i agree with anonymous. those clothes are terrible 4 a woman her age. unless she was aiming 2 dispel d rumour abt her being pregnant.

  3. just because you get older that doesn't mean you should stop being sexy . i agree at times she can go too far , but there's nothing wrong with it . if she looks good and feels good , i say go for it . tina turner is what 60 and she can rock the hell out of a mini skirt .

  4. I see Mariah is wearing her "Barbie meets Daisy Duke" emsemble.

    I agree with Licia, sexiness has no age limit & HOWEVER she does it, MC is knocking them out at 38, but she really could tone it down a little.

  5. happy to see her happy. =]

  6. The thing is Sexy is not defined by the itty bitty clothes you wear. It's an air you project and MC is projecting more I'm stuck in a time warp.

    I mean really tye dyed skirts and tied up shirts are so 1990

  7. both of them need to go sit down somewhere.


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