Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fashion: Trash Turned into Fashion?

As we noticed, some of you guys/girls really wanted us to get into the Fashion side of our culture and keep you updated, on what's hott, what's not, and the latest fashion trends! Well we considered your ideas and we now present to you, Fresh and Fab's first ever Fashion Inspired Post! Lol... well, it's nothing major and it's not even a snippet of what's to come.. Just a simple poll on a handbag that I found to be very interesting...

The fad known as "trashion" has gained mainstream acceptance with chic, urban designers worldwide now posting big profits by using leftover, discarded and found materials to create jewelry, clothing and housewares.

The type of plastic used in the bags is found in packaging ranging from soft drinks to detergent to toothpaste and is mostly aluminum bonded to plastic. Use of this plastic is on the rise because it costs companies less to produce, but because its not recyclable, as hard plastic bottles are, it ends up costing the public more in terms of pollution and environmental damage.

So, the XSProject began as a way to recycle these plastics. Ann Wizer is an artist and environmental activist, who while living in the Philippines had the idea to use trash as her primary medium. This art progressed into developing the XSProject, a non-profit organization which buys plastics from trash pickers and trains trash pickers themselves to make the bags, providing much needed wages. Proceeds from sale of the bags go directly to help the trash-picker communities by providing assistance for daily needs, scholarships and health protection

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  1. i wouldn't rock the bag because i am a dude, but i'd buy it for my lady friend. it is pretty unique and i think she'd like it.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::


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