Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NEW Michelle Williams Photoshoot//New Promo Shot//Pre-Order Unexpected

Michelle Williams just completed an exclusive photoshoot for MTV.com. Check out the Stunning pics Below.

Also she has a hot new promo picture on her Myspace Page. Beautiful. Her new album "Unexpected" hits stores August 12th. Buy one for the house, car and gym!

You can now Pre-Order Michelle Williams "Unexpected" {Click Here}

More Amazing Pictures


  1. I seriously love this bag ))) It's so unusual )))

  2. not a bad look for her at all. i tell you what though, a push-up can sure work some miracles. it can give the girl with have-not's, some haves...lol.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  3. lovely snapshot

  4. lmao @ marcus!!! i was thinking exactly d same thing!

  5. Lmao @ Marcus..
    But yeahh ;
    she looks good.
    Can't wait for 08/12!


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