Tuesday, July 15, 2008

YouTube Spotlight: ThatSingerGirl & KHALEELSMOMMIE

ThatSingerGirl, better known as Esha, is a legend in the making. I fell in love with her a year or two back. She reminds me of a young Beyoncé, although she states she wants her own image and be the "Next Esha" not the next Beyoncé, and I respect her for that. She has a production deal, while the company is unknown, I think she is going to be a threat when she hits the scene and I cannot wait! I've been following her YouTube career over to her MySpace, where she has remade several big songs, and MURDERED THEM, she also has a few original tracks so look below for the links to her pages! Good luck Esh.

Check out Esha's MySpace and YouTube pages!

Click Here For More!

Although she's signed to a Indie Label, I ran across Shadina on YouTube, and her rendition of "As We Lay" took me to new heights, I was blown away by her range her take on the song. She's pushed over 370,000 MySpace views and is close to touching 400,000 plays. She's has her own label which is "LMLD Music Group." She's a songstress/rapper and we at Fresh and Fab wish her nothing but success with her music and career! If we can get in touch with her for an interview before she blows up, we'll be sure to post it here!

To hear more music or to see more videos, check out Shadina's MySpace or YouTube page.


  1. wow! her voice is INCREDIBLE!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  2. they are really avergae singers, if you ask me

    the other one especially, didn't feel the hype u did

  3. Average? Mk, we're all entitled to opinions,
    and I placed mines.

    Both of them have wide ranges, along with control, which some professional singers don't even have over there voices.

    But thanks for commenting anyways :].


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