Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jennifer Hudson Album Cover

Check out the official cover for Jennifer Hudson's forthcoming self-titled debut album. The video for the lead single "Spotlight" just recently premiered, which was hot might I add, check here, if you missed that.

The cover is nice, I dunno, I like it...but I feel like its missing something...but I’m odd like that, it’s a gorgeous cover she looks great, its obvious there’s been a few nips and tucks here and there, but that’s fine.


  1. it's a bit plain. i think. o_O

  2. "nips and tucks" lol; YOU RIGHT, but she does look hot though

  3. I like the cover. JH is such an amazing singer, she doesn't need all of that visual splash that some people need to carry them over. By keeping it simple, she looks mature & all about the music.

  4. She finally looks good for a change.


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