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Just what you've waiting for. "The new music" post, it’s been a minute, since we posted new music. So time to refresh your iPod’s, with THE LATEST hotness.

First up, Michelle Williams, she has a new album out titled "Unexpected" which has been pushed back a week to august 19th not august 12th (Quick, the banner...). The new song is titled "The Greatest" which is one of the few ballads on the record.

Her vocals were incredible, I love the song, you can’t do any wrong with a track like that, it got me first listen, great job! But I’m not too happy about the push back though
Listen to::Michelle Williams-The Greatest

Nelly’s forthcoming album "Brass Knuckles" is set to hit stores. His first single "Party People" featuring Fergie has been blowing up charts everywhere, and he just hit us with hotness "Stepped on my J's" featuring JD and Ciara. A new track from his new album, just hit the net, its tilted "Long Night" which features usher.

Yes Yes.. a hit.I hope It's a single, Usher murdered the song..Im still shocked, how hot it was...
Listen to::Nelly ft Usher-Long Night

More new music after the cut*

Next up, a new snippet from Keri Hilson. The song is titled “Return The Flavor”and I hear was rumored to be the original first single from her debut album "In a Perfect World". The track was produced by none other than timberland and he is featured on it as well.

Nice catchy song, I like it. Her fortcoming album "In a Perfect World" is out September 23rd. Also, check out a video of her on set of her new video “Energy” below.

Listen to::Keri Hilson-Return the favor

Its been a while since we heard from Joe. "Beautiful" is a new track that has recently surfaced. This is meant to be new material from his upcoming project. im a crazy jope fan, I love every song he has done and this song is no exception, cool mid tempo banger. Loves it!
Listen to:Joe-Beautiful

"Cant Believe It" from Thr33 Ringz, T-Pain’s forthcoming circus-themed album, due out in September. The lead single from the album is Titled "Silver and Gold".
Listen to::T-pain ft Lil Wayne-Cant Believe it

Listen to T-pain-Silver and Gold

Next up, and unreleased track from chris browns latest album. The track is titled "Back 2 back" and was produced by Brian Cox. The joint is beautiful, anything Bcox touches is hot anyway, so i didnt expect anything less.
Listen to Chris Brown-Back 2 Back




  2. WTF???? Michelle better be glad i like her...THANKS for the heads up F&F...

  3. Thanks for the great additions to the mp3 players Freshie. Great songs.

  4. His first single "Party People" featuring Fergie has been blowing up charts everywhere

    whats your definition of blowing up? cause everyone knows that song flopped.

  5. lmao at didnt do too bad here in the UK, so thats what i was talking about


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