Monday, July 28, 2008

Whitney and RayJ snapped together Yet Again

Whitney Houston and RayJ were recently snapped leaving the Villa Lounge in Los Angeles, this weekend.

Now, I demand to know what’s going on. They have been snapped together countless number of times...

Is he hitting that? Is he, her bit on the side? Are they just friends...WHATS THE DEAL???


  1. I want to know myself. I don't want to believe that they are together.

    Maybe he's trying to help launder her image, or get her into the gossip columns, or produce a new album of hers.

  2. maybe...its because of them that i usually post him. because thats the only way

    his career is a bit of a mess right now

  3. Whitney Houston left one clown (Bobby Brown) & is running right back into the arms of another. IF they are together, she hasn't learned anything.

    Whitney's trying to get her career back in order & that should be her focus, not prancing around with RayJ.

  4. IDK why... but I like them together!

  5. Ray J seems like such a punk..


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