Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Destiny Child to Make a Stage Comeback?


Kelly Rowland has previously revealed the trio will make a stage a comeback next year.

And now Rowland claims her former band mates, Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams, are keen to produce some new tracks.

She says, "We're so looking forward to working with each again and we just need to find a time in our diaries when we can get into the studio together."

The trio split up in 2005, with Rowland, Williams and Knowles all going on to forge successful solo careers

Hmm...I wonder if the other members know about this plan, because in a recent interview Michelle Williams scrapped the idea of there being a Destiny Child reunion any time soon, she even crossed out 2010.


  1. I know right! Michelle wasn't having it, but they could be playing with us, and just show up somewhere and perform next year and blow us away!

  2. Why do they do this all the time. They go solo then they comeback like every 3 years. Leave it alone. It's over.

  3. lol @ anonymous..... michelle williamz has sum hot legz!!!!

    kelly's lukz.... weird.

    tired of complimentin beyonce.

    i criously fink michelle willaims is the hottest new thing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think someone is suffering from a little middle child syndrome. Beyonce sucks the life out of every room she steps in and Michelle is hot like fire right now. Where does that leave little Kelly....

  5. i dont know how i will feel about this comeback


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