Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NEW Lisa Raye Photoshoot//Plus All Her Drama

Check out these two new shots of Lisa Raye, Taken from a new photo shoot, shot by non other than Derek Blanks...She looks great!!! But I can’t look at her the same way anymore, not after all this foolishness I’ve been reading about her.

So if you guys ain't heard, her life has been one hell of a soap opera these past weeks.

After her very public separation between herself and husband, Michael Misick, the drama didn’t end there. So it all started off after Lisa issue a press release accusing Michael (her husband) of having an affair with 106 and parks Rocsi. Then Michael replied and said, he wanted the marriage to end anyway. Wrong move, That’s when all hell broke loose which landed Michael and his sister in hospital because of Lisa’s apparent attack on them; which the later resulted to a ransack of his mansion. What in the hell!!!!!!!!

Check out pics of the nutcase at LAX, this weekend


  1. Really? I've been out of the loop. I cannot believe this!

  2. Yikes!!! That's horrible to hear about her. I used to look at her quite differently from other actresses.

  3. All I can say is What comes around goes around Mrs. LisaRaye. All that rumor of her and Gary Payton having an affair. And then he splits from his wife. No good on both sides

  4. just because she is a celebrity doesnt mean she dont have drama in her life. people need to get out the bubble and realize that everyone is human and is going to make mistakes. the difference is her drama becomes publicity and ours dont.


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