Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Magazine Fab::Hoopz on King//Danity Kane Do GQ

Former "Flavor of Love" contestant hoopz is on the cover of the latest issue f "King" magazine. Her career hasn't exactly taken off since "Flavor of Love", yh she looks nice, but I cant take any of these "Flavor of Love" girls seriously, I mean come on
Diddys girl group,Danity Kane are featured on the latest issue of "GQ" Magazine. What an ugly picture, the photoshop was all wrong, they just look all over the place, Aubrey looks like she just resurrected from the grave,Dawn looks like shes posing for another shot, just a mess

The new series of making the band starts tonight(Tuesday, August 19th) at 9pm ET/PT on MTV. Check out 2 new videos from tonights episode (under the cut), very funny!!!


  1. lmao @ "Aubrey looks like she just resurrected from the grave" loooool boy u won't kill me. i don't think the pic is sooo bad but it's not all that.

  2. Danity Kane looks nasty, lol that's a horrible set concept for a photoshoot!


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