Friday, August 01, 2008

Donnie Klang Album Cover//Album News

Cover Taken Down,Request by Label

So Day26 and Danity Kane have both had self respectable successes with their #1 albums and both on their 2nd music video.

I'm sure everybody including myself have been thinking "What’s Going on with Donnie"

He is about to release his album, the album hits stores September 2nd.

Still no music video from him, The whole album leaked yesterday, so things aren't looking great for him, no promotion from his camp whatsoever, Things are just not looking good!!!

1. Intro
2. Take You There - Donnie Klang, P. Diddy
3. Dr. Love
4. Hurt That Body
5. Hollywood Girl
6. Pick It Up
7. Pretty Girls Cry
8. Catch My Breathe
9. Bedroom (Interlude)
10. Not a Love Song
11. Which One
12. Love in Stereo
13. Just a Rolling Stone
14. You're My Idol
15. Pain (Interlude)
16. Rain

Donnie's "Just A Rolling Stone" hits shops September 2nd.


  1. this is typical 'bad boy' fashion which is why their artist eventually leave the label.

    i think donnie is talent, but i would like to see his talent better cultivated at a better label.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  2. dang i almost forgot he was doing anything =/
    i'll buy his cd when it comes out..if i don't forget of course...

  3. hey- geisha's moved!
    click to find me :)

  4. oh poor thang..1 month before its released the album leaks....a shame

  5. argh, i'm looking for his songs. o.O


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