Saturday, August 02, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Solange-F*ck The Industry


Listen to::Solange-F*ck The Industry

Check a new song from solange, the song is titled "F*&k The Industry".

She said this about te song on her blog HADLEY STREET JOURNAL:

Unfortunately I’m in an industry where diversity is not celebrated the way it should be. When some people see and hear something different it feels foreign to them and they don’t like that.

Everyone has a choice of what they like and that’s a beautiful thing! But record labels, managers, publicist, journalist, media etc… have a tendency to see something work and try to reciprocate that with another artist thinking that’s what makes success. To me what makes success is letting people be truly who they are.

The song isn't sounding too bad. Her new album "SoL-Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams" comes out August 26th



  1. she is a doll. in my opinion, solange is cuter than her big sister.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  2. I love the orange dress & electric blue heels combination.

    Did anyone ever figure out what that white stuff is on her eyebrows???????

  3. very well said. she's cool. =]

  4. Hey my friend do u think u cam e-mail me the mp3? For some reason i can't download it. I would appreciate it alot ..LOL! e-mail:


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