Saturday, August 16, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Solange-Sandcastle Disco

Solange premiered the video for her second single "Sandcastle Disco" off her forthcoming album "SoL-AngeL & The Hadley St Dreams" out August 26th on last nights FNMTV.

The video was directed by Solange herself, so everything you see is all Solanges doing!! I have to applaud her, the video is absolutely amazing, from the colors to the special effects and graphics, its wonderful.She sure did her thang!!!

Make sure you pick up her album,"SoL-AngeL & The Hadley St Dreams" August 26th!


  1. haven't seen any of her new videos. why oh why? o_O

  2. LOL @ Solange dancing on the instruments! She's very creative.

  3. This girl is freaking creative!
    I like the flow of the videos, each video featuring her band and backup singers.

    Good look on the directorial debut SoL-AngeL!

  4. love this song! so fresh, original and screams authenticity. she's clearly highly creative, probably even more than beyonce. i cant wait for her album to be release. thats on my "must buy" list. i love her she matches to the beat of her own drum "miss independent" not sounding anything like the typical "rnb" tune.


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