Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ker-Ching::Beyonce Racks in $88 Million

Beyonce has not been playing, Forbes just released their annual “Worlds Best-Paid Music Stars” list. Not to be confused with the “Highest Earners” list. Beyonce came in at #2 racking up $80 million last year with albums, Tours,shows, endorsement deals and movies.

Other people on the list were Gwen Stefani at #10 with $27 Million, Madona at #4 with $40 million and Justin Timberlake at #4 with $44 million. The higeste earners were The police with $115 million.

1. The Police- $115 million
2. Beyonce Knowles- $80 million
3. Toby Keith- $48 million
4. Justin Timberlake- $44 million
5. Madonna- $40 million
6. Celine Dion- $40 million
7. Rascal Flatts- $40 million
8. Van Halen- $35 million
9. Genesis- $ 31 million
10. Gwen Stefani- $27 Million

Good on all of them. Beyonce especially!


  1. good girl. People hate on her so much, but shes a very smart business woman

  2. its only because of the movies... look at the list... she is the only one on there that has movies... if it went just on music and endorsements because of music she would not be nearly as high


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