Monday, September 01, 2008

Fox 05 Tells Solange::" ‘Quit Gravy Training Off Your Sister"

You remember when Solange had it hot with that Fox 05 news reporter, over something she thought the reported said, but didn't actually say...Well "KVVU Fox 5 News" gave her a little piece of their mind

OOOH...That was harsh, but Solange should have known better, you cant start being a bitch to news reporters on the week you release your album. Anyway, its old news, she had better fix up, take tips from Beyonce. Shes got everything else on point


  1. Wow. That's awkward. LOL She obviously isn't reading from Matthew Knowles' book of media etiquette. First make sure they're actually ragging on you Solange!

    On another note.. I guess she definitely co-signed that Bee and Jay are married for those who still weren't convinced.

  2. they are so wrong...trying to act like they don't know how to say her name.

    anyway, this pissed her OFF, BECAUSE she wrote a long ass Myspace blog today giving them a piece of her mind.

  3. whoa! dude went extra hard on her! it's kinda funny though, especially when he talked about the "gravy trainin'"; that was mad funny bruh! she almost deserves it because she got stank and that's not cool at all!!!

    p.s.-the layout is fly!

    [Associated Mess]

  4. am beginning to conclude dat only youtube videos r compatiable with my server, cos very other source either refuses 2 play or takes centuries loading.

    hold on, let me play d video n a separate youtube window, brb

  5. As much as I hate to agree with Fox, and belive me I hat to, there right on this one Little Lady was out of pocket with her attitude.

    She has not earned her Diva license yet to acting be acting a fool.

  6. just saw d video! @ quick: she fired off on dem? jeez, someone needs 2 give dat gal some pr lessons. she's got 2 learn wen not 2 talk!

  7. she got the balls in the family huh?

  8. lol...... what an attitude! gosh, she was lucky Monica was all professional. how spoilt and stupid can she get. hope her album at least sells a little.

  9. she is a little brat and desrved every single bit of insult and that man is a bitch and i love im for it.

    she needs her sister, for that album to push sales, her album isn't amazing

    I love that man, he had every right, and the lady was so calm, i wouldn't take that from her, maybe beyonce, not her

    some nobody, that used to e a dancer for destiny's child, had the cheek to open her mouth, come on, who the hell is she..i mean seriously.


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