Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rumours::Michael Jackson Dating Pamela Anderson ????????

So today I picked up the Mirror newspaper(UK) today, and what do I read? "Michael Jackson's secret dates with Pamela Anderson"

We really shouldn't be surprised at anything when it comes to Michael Jackson.But we have to admit we were shocked when we found out he'd been on a string of dates with Pamela Anderson.

The odd couple seem to have bonded over their love of plastic surgery and have been hooking up in Malibu.We hear the big-boobed babe is a massive fan of Michael... and it seems the feeling is mutual.

A source said: "It was all arranged by their people in total secrecy, very cloak and dagger.

Michael is such a private person. He gets nervous when he thinks people are following him around, so he chose somewhere neutral for their first date.

"They arrived separately at the Shutters Hotel on Malibu Beach so no one would suspect anything and then had a few drinks in the bar."

Although I dont believe a word, its still nice to "think" Michael still has some game.


  1. 1ssstttt, Tell me how is MJ going to handle those tits (wait does she has kids)?....lol

  2. Um....yeah, I don't believe this for one minute. LOL

  3. ...they need to stop. Michael + Pam. NO way, lol

  4. well, from MJ all is possible, but I'm not believing it.


  5. there is something pretty gross about pam anderson and something even gross'r about mjack!

  6. impossican't! first of all MJ is gay! or rather - he prefers kids! secondly, if he couldn't get it up with normal babes who could b satisfied with 2 min work, how d hell can he get it up with Pam! i mean, Pam has got 2 b an all-nighter kind of girl 2 me. even sef, one night wouldn't b enof. she'd need like 3 entire days dedicated 2 just getting her n d mood!!!!! look @ her! she looks like a damn hooker!


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