Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Teairra Mari Does "King"

Peep Teairra Mari doing her thang on "King Magazine". She has a new album coming out early 2009 and is rumoured to be titled "Pressed for time", she also has a buzz single out titled "No No".

Her story is, she used to be with "Roc-A-Fella Records"(Jay Z's Label) same as Rihanna, she got dropped, Rihanna didn't, Jay Z didnt call and tell her she got dropped, and now shes coming back!

I dont know about her, I get nothing, from the pictures to the music, Nothing! But i guess its still early days.


  1. She's still young, so I don't know why she's dressing like a hoochie. Very pretty, and has potential...but this dress mode? Nah...

  2. Her voice is alright at best and these pics do nothing for me. Very bland.

  3. i read somewhere that she was talking slick about rihanna, but idk. I dont really like this girl very much; i mean she's hot, and she sound a'ight...just not my cup of tea

  4. i've heard of the chick here and there, but definitely don't know anything about what type of talent she has.

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  5. i love her voice and all..but why is she dressed up all racy?? dis isnt her...!!! Cant be..


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