Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Red Carpet Moment

Singer Christina Aguilera launches her new fragrance "Inspire" at Macy's Herald Square on September 02, 2008 in New York City.

Idris Elba at the "Rock n Rolla" premiere in London 2 nights ago.

Lilly Allen (in a strapless beige and grey swirled Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2008 ballgown with a pale blue sash and matching train) at the 2008 GQ men awards in London tonight.

Thandie Newton looking a mess at the premiere of Rock n Rolla last night in London


  1. thandi newton is lookin' rather fierce in her white ensemble.

    [Associated Mess©]

  2. hmmm. Christina has changed! thanks for sharing!

  3. ohhh Idris...................

    Hey Fab! Thanks for the supporting words on CITC. Much appreciated.

  4. Mr. Elba is oh-so yummy, even more so now that he is rocking an Obama Tee

  5. Thandie looks fab. Christiana's bleached out platinum hair makes me see her as a hooker.

  6. oh, my bad. Christina, not Christiana. 4 my side of d village, nothing like Christina sha. na only Christiana dey

  7. oh!! owwwwwwwwwwwwwww. idris is making me salivate! *swooning*

  8. Hummm Christina Aguilera... something in her that I'm not feeling.
    And I don't like Thandie Newton dress. Not a nice cut.
    Idris looks great!



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