Monday, September 01, 2008

Halle Berry and Daughter at the Zoo

Wats gd all, this is our 1000th post, so in 10 months, freshandfab has finally reached its 1000th post. Im real happy bout that, hope you guys enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it

On a good note, check out some candid’s of Halle Berry and her 5 month-old daughter Nahla Ariel Aubrey, out and about at the Zoo over the Labor Day Weekend.

Awww, so cute! she looks like her mum


  1. OMG 1000th post!!!!!
    And I'm the first to congratulate.

    We'll wait for the 2000th ;)

    Great job you do, great buddy blogger you are, so I wish you all the best.


  2. congrats love. 1000th! wow! no b beans!

    wow, halle's baby looks so cute. u wan try? wen em mama dey hot like dat, e fit no fine? kai, dem nefa born am!

  3. thats one hell of a sexy mama


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