Monday, September 01, 2008

Who Owned it::Sanaa Lathan vs Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson first wore this Michael Kors's black-strapless jumpsuit to there 2007 Movies Rock event, back in December whilst Sanna Lathan wore the same jumpsuit minus the accessories to the launch party for the Blackberry Pink Curve in LA last month.

So who, in your opinion, would you say, owned it


  1. i definitely have to vote for both on this one, because they both look equally as good. i just love how jhudson's thickness is fillin' out the thread and sanaa lathan just looks really sexy altogether. great poll bruh.

    p.s.-thanks for stopping by 'associated mess' and showin' some love on the comments.

    [Associated Mess]

  2. I love Sanaa actually, she looks more laid back in the outfit

  3. I give it to H Hudson. He fuller figure made it look fab on her


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