Friday, September 12, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Jay-Z & T.I. Ft Kanye West & Lil Wayne-Swagga Like Us

"Swagga Like Us" is the new single by Jay-Z & T.I., released as the first single from Jay-Z's eleventh studio album The Blueprint 3 and also appears on T.I.'s sixth studio album Paper Trail. The song features Kanye West & Lil Wayne.

The song is as dope as the artists on it. Its a 100% hotness...The chorus hits you hard at the beginning, a sample from "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. Then Kayne rips up the first verse and Lil Wayne destroys his verse., They both use the auto tune effect in their verses, which I liked.

The song is definatley is winner, I can see big things happening to this track, its already so far, peaked at number 39 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

Listen to::Jay-Z & T.I. Ft Kanye West & Lil Wayne-Swagga Like Us


  1. Didn't hear about that. Must check.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you so much for your words about my health.
    I'm much tiered, stressed and overwhelmed, so to prevent a breakdown I must slow a bit.
    I think I'm not stopping blogging, I'm too addicted to it, but I would spend less time blogging, so visiting blogs will not be on a daily basis as I was doing.

    Take care hun


  2. the beat is fire indeed and the lyrics...not bad at all! like you said, it's a winner!

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  3. M.I.A did a great job with "Paper Planes." In fact her two albums are just as hot. I'm glad she's getting recognized.


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