Sunday, September 28, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Janelle Monae-Many Moons

Check out the new video from Bad Boy artist Janelle Monae. Her latest album "Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase" hit stores August 12th and this is the albums first single "Many Moons".

Ive been wanting to do a post about this girl, but nothing was worth posting about...Now ever since I watched this performance, I was hooked on her, she has this soul, futuristic, and rock vibe and her poise and stage presence thrills me. I find her odd, but in a good way. Now this video is on a level of its own, Bad Boy really outdid their selves with the budget. Amazing concept and very entertaining to watch!

Love the song, love the video, love her. If you haven't heard her album, go check it out, its really interesting. Janelle plans on releasing a full length album in January 2009.

Sorry about my lack of updates, my weekend was crazy...I Apologise, I literally haven't seen a computer screen since my last post.


  1. i love janelle this video is hot.. but i dont really like the song

  2. song is hott!
    did andre 3000 write this song..or produce it??
    even the video very andre 3000esque!!!


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