Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jennifer Hudson "Spotlight" Live "Jay Leno"

Jennifer Hudson was recently a guest on the "Jay Leno" show and she performed her new single "Spotlight". This song has grown on me so much, its like magic. Its actually my favorite song now, I don't know why. When I go raving, This is the one, I look forward to the most. That line ("is that you, is that you") gets me, all the time. LMAO

The performance was good, I wouldn't say amazing, although she hit some powerful notes at the end. they were pretty fly, but it didn't do much for me.

Her self titled debut album is out in 2 days(30th September). And let me just say, the album is Flawless, I listened to it yesterday and wow. Totally unexpected, you must check it out.


  1. well, i like her new video. =]

  2. I reviewed the album over at

    and I am NOT feeling it at all...

    so sappy and sad!


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