Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cassie Discuses Relationship With Diddy//Donnie Disses Aubrey

Cassie was recently interviewed and spoke on her relationship with boss Diddy. Before you conclude your thoughts, check this out.

As far as I'm concern, She definatley had a relationship with Diddy, no denying that. But I don't blame her, she still using the "you gotta use what you have to get what you want" theory.

This video is kinda old, not really old, 2,3 weeks tops. Its a video of Donnie Klang, trash talking his fellow bad boy colleague, Aubrey O Day from Danity Kane. I think he was so wrong on so many levels for doing this, Like hes not even anybody yet, what his album sold "£22,000" or so, so hes not really in any place to talk about anyone. Even if, and we all know Aubrey is an undercover whore wild child


  1. tsk, tsk. no comment about them. lol.

  2. damn Donnie is bold for that 1! WOWZERZ


  3. the second video doesnt work!


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