Friday, September 19, 2008

Old School Friday::[Road Trip Songs]

Hello OSF'ers...Ive been M.I.A from OSF for some time time now, I dont know why, Ive missed themes that I know i would have nailed. Anyway, today's theme is "Road Trip Songs". Hmm, I've never been on that type of road trip before, so I wouldn't know. So let me take a wild guess as to what kind of songs will get me through a 12 hour trip.

I guess theres no right or wrong song. Gotta love Shalamar though

Have a great weekend, lord knows after my week, I need a "Great Weekend" . Don''t Forget to pass other OSF'ers

1. MrsGrapevine
2. Marvalus
3. Regina
4. Marcus Langford
5. Quick
6. Chocl8t
7. Cassandra
8. Kreative Talk
9. Lisa C
10. Invisible Woman
11. Vivrant Thing
12. Shawn Williams
13. Electronic Village
14. Hagar's Daughter
15. Danielle Vyas
16. DP
17. Dee
18. FreshandFab
19. LaShonda
20. AJ
21. Sharon
22. Believer1964
23. Shae-Shae
24. Danielle
25. sjp
26. msladydeborah
27. Thembi

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  1. Daaaamn check out Howard Hewitt and his halfro. LMAO Nice selection. :-)

  2. halfro...haha!!

    i love everything about Shalimar's songs.

  3. AAhhhh, Shalamar! Those were the days! A mean 80's soundtrack could get me through a road trip!

    By the way the cutie in my sidebar, is my grandbaby "Nay" [The princess]!
    Hope you get that GREAT weekend, you deserve it!

  4. I love your OSF!!!!! And yes I missed them.

    I think you're right there's no right or wrong song, it has to be amusing for a road trip.

    Love hun


  5. Halfro...tee hee hee!

    Shalamar is a good choice!!

  6. Shalamar was such a talented group and this was one of their best songs. Very good choice. Happy OSF and have a great weekend.

  7. So glad to see that you're back! I love this song...gonna make this a night to remember! lol

  8. You took me back man......I played this video and everyone in the house came to the computer. Thanks for that!!

  9. Y'all know he had a halfro. It wasn't quite round but too big to be a low fro. LOL

    My aunt just knew he was fine back then too.


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