Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rihanna Live::Disturbia & PDSTM at Star Academy

Rihanna has been in Paris this week, on Friday she graced the stage of Star Academy(France equivalent to American Idol), she performed "Please Don't Stop The Music" and "Disturbia". IMO, Rihanna has never been the "SINGER", more the performer, and I think she makes a good job of singing live as well as performing. Both performances, especially Disturbia were very entertaining.

2nd Performance under the cut*

Rihanna - Don't Stop Th Live Performance [Star Academy 8]


  1. love her video and song "disturbia". is it true that it's Chris B. who wrote that song? cool.

  2. I don't what it is but I find Rihanna's live performances very boring. She hasn't reached the level where she should starting lacking lustre on stage. sheesh....


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