Friday, September 12, 2008

Video: Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn (Remix)

Yesterday, on her official YouTube page Michelle Williams added a remix video for her #1 single, We Break The Dawn. Although he isn't present in the video, the remix features Flo-Rida. The new editing on the video is hott, although I could've did without the lyrics on the screen. Anywho, Michelle's album Unexpected hits stores Oct. 7th!

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  1. ooh this is hott...I don't know if its because my speakers happen to be on surround, it just sounded and looked hott

    They need a new video though...this one has been a while. is she even releasing another single...her project seemed to have frozen to me

  2. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog.

    You certainly have the low-down on so many things. Great re-mix, too.

  3. ...seriously! Those words are not necessary, but i like the new spin they put on it! lol

  4. It's haaaaawt!!! :) still love this song after all this time :D but im dyingggg for the greatest and hello heartbreak to come out!! GO CHELLE!


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