Friday, October 31, 2008

Beyonce Performs "If I Were A Boy" Live in Japan Music Station HQ

During her trip in Japan Beyonce stopped by Japan Music Station and performed her single "If I Were a Boy"( Which entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #3 this week) as well as an interview.

WOW, That was a powerful performance, I can believe it, I really enjoyed it and it looked so damn effortless. I didn't think there was much she could do with the song live, But she sang the hell out of it.

Click Here & Here for the interview.


  1. Great job, she always has some great performances! And thanks for the Michelle Album correction, LOL!

  2. She nailed it and this performance made me appreciate the song more.

  3. its good. just the right amount of effort she should put it in all the time.

    p.s. - OMG! Rachel was bottom two in X-FACTOR this week. i cant believe it!

  4. finally, i've seen a great performance from her again. hehe.

  5. She's a great performer. Great voice!

  6. & pls, y r lots of female musicians singing abt d terrible fate they suffer 4rm dudes. i tell u, a lot of girls do worse 2 guys - u don't hear dem singing abt it & becoming masculists. lol


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