Friday, October 03, 2008

Brandy's "Human" Album Cover

Check out the new album cover from Brandy, This is for her new album "Human" out November 11th.

I'm feeling the picture, My only thing would be shes too airbrushed, but realistically, who isn't?


  1. brandy was to much prettier when she was younger.(her moesha days). i dont know what it is about her now.her face just looks totally different

  2. This a nice cover, she always had pretty eyes.

  3. the font is off,but everthing else looks fab!!!

  4. always like Brandy. went to alaba and bought one album i thought is Brandy new one, and the songs are are so wack that i signed off as a fan. so it's not out abi? i should have known better.


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