Friday, October 03, 2008

Wonders Shall Never End

Let me take a minute to compose myself.

So a man got into a disagreement with a young girl in a fast food restaurant over who was in line first, then the Man punched the girl several times in the face and then fled the restaurant with his children. The young girl has been treated from her injuries and police are now look king for the man.

First of all for a man to hit a woman, talk less of a man hitting a little girl, he is not worthy of being called a man, Pathetic and he was there with his kids too SMH


  1. shame on him!!i hope they find him..and shame on d other guy in d whie shirt that was standing there and looking and didnt even attempt to hold him back

  2. he is a shame on the black race

  3. OMG. he hasn't been a good role model to his own kid. what a shame.

  4. i'm mad nobody tried to step in and help.


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