Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kat Deluna & Chris Brown Live at Star Acedemy

Chris Brown and Kat Deluna both performed on french talent show ‘Star Academy’ a couple of afternoons back.

Kat performed a medley of her singles "Wine Up", "Run The Show" and "Am I Dreaming", whilst Breezy performed "Kiss Kiss" & "With You".

Performances below:

Chris Brown-Kiss Kiss & With You

Kat Deluna-Medley

Kat recently got booed after singing the national anthem at a Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles game at Texas Stadium, so I'm guessing this is her first appearance since then. She did a good job and so did Chris


  1. who wwas the dude in red on the kat de luna vid??!! he was jammin . haha

    i love kat shes bomb and her co singer did a great job.

  2. OMG...Did any1 notice that man who came on stage and the security that took him off in the chris brown video? Skip 2 like 2:26!


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