Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ne-Yo on the "Tyra Banks Show"

Ne-Yo visited the Tyra Banks show last week, they talked about alot of interesting things, including Ne-Yo hating his voice when he was younger, describing it as a "Young Michael Jackson with a cold that just got kicked in the privates.” Must watch.

Part II after the cut*


  1. tyra is hilarious and my bro calls her cheesy!

  2. he went in on the R Kelly situation really hard! loved it

  3. is R.kelly for real? Who does he think he is, about "Every must leave the hallway, when you see R.kelly coming"Man, sitcho azz down

  4. r.kelly is an out of date "man DIVA". ne-yo is too seductive for words just look at the way he tried to pencil in a date with the beautiful tyra on television where he knows she cant refuse (at least not immeiately lol). smooooothe operator.


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