Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ne-Yo planning a movie based on his life story.

Ne-Yo has joined in the footsteps of Eminem by taking the story of his life to the big screens. Check out the srticle.

R&B star Ne-Yo is following in the footsteps of Eminem by planning a movie based on his life story. The singer/songwriter - who has been involved in the moviemaking process and will star in the film - likens the project to Eminem’s 2002 movie 8 Mile, which was based on the rapper’s own rise to fame. “We are putting together the (film) right now as we speak, as a matter of fact. The name of the movie is Venice Beach and basically it’s going to be my 8 Mile, loosely based on (my) life, but not really,” said Ne-Yo.

Hmm...Not sure about this one. I would expect this from a big rapper or someone of that sort, not...Ne-Yo. I just have to wait and see, you never know.



  1. what the hell is he playing here....a damn whale?

  2. ahhh boy! i guess the only difference is that real men would see the story of eminem and of 50 cent, but i can't imagine no real dudes foolin' with a ne-yo movie like that.

    [associated mess©]

  3. this picture kills me everytime.
    as far as the movie..
    i'll watch it on bootleg :)


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