Thursday, October 02, 2008

Problems With Beyonce's Album Deadline

The Daily News are reporting that, the are some gliches with Beyonce's highly anticipated new project.

Her new album was meant to be due at her label on Wednesday morning in other to be ready for the supposed releas date of November 18th but insiders have revealed there are problems and the album is NOT COMPELTED

Part of the delay may be due to BeyoncĂ©’s busy acting schedule. With 3 months filming “Cadillac Records,” and new movie“Obsessed.” S he is also recording a duet with Justin Timberlake and thats wasting time because, they both didnt liek the turn out and kept recording and recording

Also, she's clashing with "Max Gousse", they guy that convinced her to record Ne-Yo’s ”Irreplaceable” (Her biggest hit to date)

She is going to release 2 single “If I Were a Boy” and “Single Ladies,” this Tuesday.

...Insiders are claiming "The first two singles will be utterly huge. They're two of the best songs of her career". Her album is 97%-98% done. It'll be out before Nov. 20.

She had better stop wasting time and get the album together, because it is highly anticipated and fans wont stand for a "Pushback". I know her new songs will be hot and she wont disappoint. So we have to wait next week and see(October 7th)



  1. ...not a huge fan *not even sure i'm a fan sef*...but cant wait to hear the singles

    PS: i would love to get arrested by Beyonce anyday sha...imagine me hitting on a fine MOPOL chic i saw on the road, somewhere between PH & Owerri; she was fine...& didnt look strong

  2. @"B"-ha ha!!! hilarious, me i wouldnt mind too, thats what i first thought when i saw these pics


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