Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Michelle Williams-The Greatest

The Full version of Michelle Williams video "The Greatest" premiered of Yahoo music today. "The Greatest" is the 2nd single off Michelle's 3rd studio album "Unexpected" in stores now!

I LOVE IT, She looked amazing in every single shot, great great video. hope it does well and hopefully album sales pick up.


  1. hmm, Not bad michelle

  2. Not bad but why do her and her partner always drop albums around the same time as Beyonce? Seem like there shooting themselves in the foot to me.

  3. ...wasn't our girl BEAT!!! Just looked like i always knew she could in this video. Can't get enough

  4. Crazy thing is - I haven't paid any attention to Michelle - but I decided to watch this video. I gotta say she won me over. I love it.

  5. Wow! She looks friggin fantastic! She's mature now...hair/and wardrobe are fierce as hell! good for Michelle!
    Bria :)


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