Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Video Fab::Britney Spears GMA Commercial//T.I & Rihanna Video Teaser//Mariah on The Today Show

Britney Spears is gonna be headlining Good Morning America's TV Concert on ABC on December 2nd. One to look out for

Check out a teaser of T.I new video for "Live Your Life" featuring Rihanna, The video premieres October 28th. Look out for that.

Mariah Carey visited the today show the day before yesterday, she talked about marriage her hew frauigrance, all sorts of good stuff.

The music video for her new single "I Stay In Love" (Directed by her husband "Nick Cannon") will be featured on BET's Access Granted for a behind the scenes look and a world premiere on Monday, October 27th at 7:30pm ET.


  1. fresh & fab! na u b d kind of reinvention. Madonna no fit touch u 4 dat one oh. well done. i love ut new look, well except 4 d header picture. not too cool, bross. u've done better. but, all n all, great.

    am so happy 4 britney spears. dat girl has really come a long way. thank God 4 her family & dem helping her wen she was down d most. she was so young, & young pple mess up so i'll forgive her.

    am not going to comment on MC & her marriage. really, it's none of my biz-wax if they r happy or not. i heard one radio dissing dem about how MC was deciding everything Nick did. like WTF! leave them alone!

  2. I'm SO proud of Britney!! She is coming back right and I cant wait for all her performances- til this day in my opinion nobody has ever given such incredible performances: you never know what to expect!
    I hope she sings at least 2 songs!

    CANT wait for TI & RIHANNA video! Great song, looks like its going to b a hot video too!

    I dont care much for Mariah..I used to a be a HUGE fan when the Butterfly album was out. Now its just getting old, same old songs, shes boring!

  3. I can't wait to see what Nick does with the video treatment!


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