Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tennessee Movie Trailer (Starring Mariah Carey)

Yep Mariah Carey has tried to revive her acting career. We all know her first film "Glitter" (which I didn't think was as bad as people made it out to be) wasn't anything to brag about, but MC is putting all that behind her and starring in yet another movie, titled "Tennessee", you can check out the movie trailer above


Two brothers, Carter (Adam Rothenberg) and Ellis (Ethan Peck), embark on a journey from New Mexico to find their estranged father in the hopes of saving Ellis, who has been diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Along the way they meet Krystal (Mariah Carey), an aspiring singer pushing forty, who flees her controlling husband (Lance Reddick) to join them on their journey.

TBH, if Mariah Carey wasn't in it, I wouldn't be interested, not that I am per say, but interested enough to post it, sort of thing. Because the trailer wasn't doing much for me, most definatley not enough for me to go out and watch it.

But it looks like one of those films you think you wont enjoy, but end up being one of the best films you've ever watched. Anyway, props to her for going out there and acting again, after all the stick she got for "Glitter".

The movie hits theaters December 19th

Will you be watching?


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