Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beyonce on Oprah "If Were a Boy Performance//Interveiw

Beyonce was on the Oprah Winfrey show earlier today, She talked about her marriage, new movie "Cadillac Records", pregnancy rumors, cooking and "Sasha Fierce

It was a great interview I enjoyed it more than the performance, which want too bad.

If I Were a Boy performance after the cut*

If I were Boy live Oprah

She looked and sounded good, "Sasha fierce" hits stores next week Tuesday


  1. Love the interview )

  2. Good to see she's opening up a little more about her relationship.

  3. Watched the interview when it aired. She's a sweetheart but the Sasha thing still irritates me! lol

    The performance was great though!
    I think i much prefer the performancy beyonce!

  4. I frigging love BEYONCE> SSHIT>>>she's the reason I go on youtube!!!

  5. it was a cute interview, she's precious anyway i wanna see more sasha fierce single ladies gettin it!

  6. sasha goes home at times!!!!!


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