Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Girl Gone Bad, Leona Lewis DRUNK!!!

She usually prefers quiet nights in, but last night squeeky-clean Leona Lewis decided to really let her hair down.

The former X Factor winner made the most of her rare night on the tiles, starting off at a Glamour magazine do thrown in her honour at the Sanderson Hotel before kicking on to a star-studded Agent Provocateur catwalk show.

All the merriment proved a little too much for the 23-year-old, who finally emerged looking a little worse for wear and unsteady on her feet. (Daily Mail)

This is nice to see, its good to let your hair down once in a while, as long as you don't let the hair down too often.


  1. LOL. Looks like she's having a good time. As long as she doesn't go the Lohan route--she's straight!

  2. she is a pretty gal. as long as she is not out in the streetz pissy drunk, then a little buzz ain't never hurt nobody.

    [associated mess©]

  3. awww...thats my girl! everyone needs 2 let their hair down once in a while.

  4. It had to happen some time. I'm just glad she isn't in the gutter puking out her brains with a Winehouse-eque photo.

  5. wow. she had a great time, i bet. lol. i experienced that as well. no regrets. lol.


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