Friday, November 14, 2008

Old School Friday::[The Year You Were Born]

Today's theme is "The Year You Were Born", I was born in 1990, I picked this particular song, not because I was familiar with it back then (or im crazy about it now lol), but because it was a hot song back then, sort of still is now, this was Madonna at her best.

So C'mon VOUGE

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Have a GreatWeekend (is it me or the week goes really fast these days?)


  1. "Vogue" was the damn thing indeed!

    Madonna can carry a tune at most, but she has surely left her mark. We cannot deny that.

    Happy OSF!

  2. Fresh Fab, you always bring a fresh, fab, and unique perspective. I like it! Madonna, definitely glam and fame, star, entertainer and University of Michigan product. I can appreciate the pick. Happy OSF Fresh!

  3. yeah, see i was about 11-years old when the song came out and i remember it; it is actually one of my favorite madonna songs.

    [associated mess©]

  4. OMG! You're a baby. 1990! I feel old. LOL!

    I remember trying to mimic the moves. Good pick. Happy OSF!

  5. Great Madonna song! Love her!

    To this day she has still kept it up!

  6. You are so young.

    Strike a pose. I think I was listening to this and reading that book of hers.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Well I was alive then, We use to jam to this song; Everyone trying to do their best pose. I think that makes you the youngest person today. I thought Quick was the baby, but he has you by 3 years.

  8. Like Vivrant Thang I say you make me feel old, hun saying you were born in 1990 :) Nobody has that age LOL

    I love OSF, I've already told you, I came on propose.
    Yes great Madonna's song!!!!

    I've been seing your posts, sorry if I don't comment every time, hun, but you're doing a great job.
    Thank you for all this.

    Hope you'll have a great weekend.


  9. Aw snap! That was my song back in 90! You are just a baby. Vogue is the bomb! Happy OSF.

  10. I was six when this came out.
    Dang I just told my
    This was the jammmm though!

    The weeks are flying by but i'm not complaining.
    I like it like that ^_^

  11. U guys r making me feel like a child, LOL. I'm 18 am getting old

    At loveadict, I dnt like it hw the weeks go so fast, it just means the assaignments r drawing closer...:(

    Have a gr8 weekend

  12. Man, I remember these days...I could vogue with the best of 'em!

    Oh the stories...the stories!!!

    Excellent pick!

    Baby...:::sticks tongue out:::

    hee hee hee...

  13. Vogue is definitely a classic! great choice!

  14. I've liked Madonna from the jump! Cutting edge! "Greta Garbo gave good face"! Love it! Great pick!

  15. Madonna certainly knows how to entertain. Nice pick. Where's the video of you getting your vogue on? :)

  16. Vogue still sounds good! If I let my husband hear this he'll be dancing all day, which is just pure comedy!


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