Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kanye West Attacks "Love Lockdown" at the 2008 EMA

Kanye West performed his single "Love Lock down" on the 2008 EMA earlier tonight.

WOW!!! The first half of the performance was decent, he sounded good( although I don't know how you can sound bad with the voice decoder) but for the 2nd half, The whole thing went down hill, I don't know why he trying to achieve by attempting to hit those high notes, or whatever the hell he was doing, it sounded a mess. At 3.28, he started attacking the song, wasn't pleasant to the ears at all, Almost cringe worthy. He looked like he was struggling hard. Most entertaining performance of the night, had a few kicks from this. lmao

Estelle Joined him on stage for a performance of their hit "American Boy", Estelle Estelle, I'm no fashion expert, but what the hell was she wearing, is it meant to look like that, very odd dress.


  1. fresh and fab... you are def no fashion expert cos Estelles dress is different and fab...

  2. Kanye was very energetic in his performance, didnt sound the best at times...but im a Kanye supporter at the moment!


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