Thursday, November 06, 2008

Beyonce at the 2008 MTV EMA

The 2008 European Music Awards took place tonight in Liverpool in the UK, Beyonce was one of the headliner performers, she opened the show with a performance of "If I Were a Boy"

I was let down, I was expecting her to perform both her singles, "Single Ladies" included, it was a good vocal performance but lacked spark. It was arguably boring. but she did look quite good though

She was also working it out on the red carpet!


  1. I believe that was Sasha on the red carpet, not

  2. lol @ loveaddict. i second dat

  3. & daz a hideous dress she's got on there @ d first pic. like really WTF!

  4. thanx for tellen me about the beyonce song. i think she looked great on the red carpet and the performance. the performance was ok.

  5. I like the second outfit, don't real understand the first one.

  6. She looks great. She's so beautiful and she has a voice equally beautiful to go with it!

    I think she did the best she would with a performance of that song.


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