Thursday, November 06, 2008

Out and About With:Mariah &Nick and Nichole & Lewis

Mariah and Nick were spotted earlier today arriving at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Mariah is in town, because as reported she is set to appear on the X-factor this Saturday, as this week is "Mariah" themed, she'll be performing her new single "I stay in Love" as well as mentoring the contestants. Look out for that post on my X-factor special post(every Sunday).

Nichole Shcerzinger and her boyfriend Lewis Halmilton were spotted at "Das Goldene Lenkrad" award ceremony in Berlin, Germany, (Nov 5th). Congrats to Lewis Halmilton for winning the 2008 Formula One title.


  1. i was very skeptical of mariah's marriage in d beginning, but these days i find myself rooting 4 dem to last. i like nichole too. she's beautiful & a good performer

  2. Lewis seems so in love with Miss Nicole. Hope it lasts!

    You gotta enjoy how the Cannons make any photo their own personal photo session. LOL!

  3. Nicole is always looking so hot- but i feel like being picky at the moment and ill say that I DONT LIKE HER HAIR THAT STRAIGHT HERE!!!


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