Thursday, December 04, 2008

Keyshia Cole::New Song//Album Track Listings//New Photoshoot

"You Complete Me" is the new song from Keyshia Cole's new album "A Different Me" out December 12th. "You Complete Me" is said to be the follow up single to "Playa Cardz Right". A huge improvement from the first single "Playa Cradz Right". I'm not really hot on this track actualy, doesnt do much for me, who knows, it might be a grower, but for now, im not feeling it.

Track Listings

1. A Different Me
2. Make Me Over
3. Please Dont Stop
4. Erotic
5. You Complete Me
6. No Other Feat. Amina Harris
7. Oh-oh. Yeah-Yeah Feat. Nas
8. Playa Cardz Right Feat. 2pac
9. Brand New
10. Trust Feat. Monica
11. Thought You Should Know
12. This Is Us
13. Where This Love Could End Up
14. Beautiful Music
15. A Different Me

Here is the official track listing for her new album "A Different Me" which comes out December 16th. The look of the titles look promising, maybe it is a new her indeed. Her songs are usually male bashing songs, how he cheated on her, but she should have cheated first or how he would regret the day he dumped her or how didn't she tell him she was gonna be the one that'll love him right, so on and so forth lol. I was expecting titles like "I Hate you for Cheating on me" "Look at me now, Your Loss" "Men are Pigs" "I Should have killed you when I had the chance"(okay, getting carried away). But you gotta love her though, she always delivers with her albums.

And here are some shots from a recent photo shoot Keyshia did with "US" weekly magazine.

I don't like them, she looks too masculine.


  1. lol- masculine.

    Actually, I think she looks glam.

  2. something kinda off topic, i put mtv on and that stupis paris hilton bff show was on and Keyshia was one od paris's best friends! I was like wooah, dont see that at all!


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