Thursday, December 04, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Britney Spears-Circus

The video for Britney Spear's new single has been leaked, it was originaly meant to premiere tomorrow December 5th, but here it is.

I cant believe it, It was disappointing. Where was ll the heavy choreography we have been seeing videos of? not really heavy per say, but choreography, because I sure as hell didnt see it in that video. Don't get me wrong, she looked stunning in the video, great looks, great setting, it was nice.

But it lacked what it needed the most, some bloody dancing (movement). This song is a hot hot track, the best song on her album. That chorus is just too hot to go without some sort of dance routine. I really was expecting more than this, if she couldn't do it with this song, I don't know what else to expect.


  1. It isnt the official video, they said that on her official site, I like this one but its good to know its only gong to get better!

  2. I'm amazed that THIS isn't the official video. I think the video is up there with her best.


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