Sunday, December 14, 2008

News: Chris Brown Writes For Rihanna, The Jonas Brothers & Others.

In the meantime, Brown is plenty busy with other projects, including new music with girlfriend Rihanna. "I actually have a couple of songs written already that would be dope collaborations between me and her," he says. "And I'm writing for her new album now." Among other outside writing projects, Brown says he "did a couple of songs for the Jonas Brothers, but I don't know if they took any of them. And I did a couple of songs with the Backstreet Boys and the Pussycat Dolls. I've also been writing songs for several new girl groups who are coming out." But his most surprising collaboration is with Tim McGraw, on a song called "Human" which has yet to be released. "It's incredible, he says. "I wanted to do something more along the country line. That's a bigger and different audience for me. I also did a song with the Japanese group called the Teriyaki Boys out of Pharrell's camp." Next year will see the release of Brown's first artist on his CBE label through Interscope, 13-year-old Scooter Smiff. Brown appears on Smiff's first single, "Head of My Class." "I will also have another label through Jive that's still in the works," he says. "Urban acts are the hardest to pick because of the competition level that's out there right now. You don't want to choose a novelty artist who's only going to give you one record."

Interesting, But I never knew that Chris wrote music... cool? Everyone's channeling their inner Ne-Yo, eh? To read the rest of the article and learn about his other upcoming productions, including his own album click here.


  1. power to him but i am so uninterested. Chris is trying so hard to jump out the r&b box that he is in and its not working.i could care less. Wanting to make a duet with coldplay and Madonna,Writing for the jonas brothers,pcd and tim mcgraw. come on. Chris wants to be apart of the white crowd like rihanna.He is trying so hard. No thanks i dont plan on supporting any of this. Chris is a really good artist but he is trying to collaborate with artist to build a name for himself in the music industry

  2. True @ Jonnyhco... he's doing a little bit too much. He'll gain a larger audience with growth, not by throwing around random tracks.

  3. thank u Akeem.Jamal. Its not a hate thing with me chris is talented but he is going about things the wrong way.

  4. i had heard he was a writer...funny you didnt know...quite the talented young man


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