Saturday, December 13, 2008

Performances: Beyoncé & Alexandra Burke - Listen @ X-Factor Finale and Beyoncé - If I Were a Boy

Beyoncé and the winner of the U.K's "X-Factor", Alexandra performed Bee's hit song from the movie "Dreamgirls" Listen this was a phenomenal performance! I can't say for sure if she deserved to win, being that I'm American and don't know all the goods on the show. She's a damn good singer and congratulations to her! I know for a fact, that Bee showed Simon that she does have talent... These ladies tore the house down! Thoughts?

UPDATED : Beyoncé performing If I Were a Boy!


  1. i love her i love her i love her! she's soooooooooo talented this performance blew me away!

  2. Thats a hot performance. That girl can SING standing next to our queen Beyonce and doing sooo good. Seems like the urban/ethnic singers in the UK may have really good talent after all..

  3. She was the best one?
    She has a nice voice, don't get me wrong but...
    yeah, was she the best one?


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