Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rumours::Kelly To Ditch Mathew Knowles as Manager

So word on the streets is that Kelly Rowland is ditching "Matthew Knowles" (Beyonce's father and manager and also manager to Michelle Williams) for 19 Entertainment’s Simon Fuller.

Simon Fuller is one of the most successful artist managers of all time and is globally recognised for his work. Simon Fuller is also the co-creator and executive producer of the US hit talent series So You Think You Can Dance and several other US and European TV shows. He is the manager of a group of iconic performers and entertainers including David and Victoria Beckham, Claudia Schiffer, Annie Lennox, Spice Girls, Carrie Underwood, Will Young, and others.

Sources close to SONY/BMG confirm Kelly will announce Simon as her new manager at the top of the year.

Of course there has been rumors like this before, about Kelly leaving Matthew, but this one seems more legit. I really do hope that this is true, because if Kelly wants to become any type of successful artist, she needs change the people around her, change is good. This might not be the case, but it looks as if Matthew Knowles doesn't give a shit about anyone else but the (apparently) Legendary Beyonce. Kelly Rowlands album "Ms. Kelly" was such a solid album, it didn't deserve to flop the way it did. If Kelly could have got some damn promotion that wouldn't have been the case.


  1. If kelly is leaving Matthew Knowles as her manager more power to her and wish her the best. But for you to say that He doesn't give a shit about Kelly Or Michelle is bullshit. He made these girls and help them to become the stars they are. Not because might move to a another manager doesn't make her sell more records. If her Album Flop ain't Knowles Fault tell the Fans to but more of her album. If you think It didnt needed to flop maybe you should of campain for her or buy more of the album.

  2. The reason i think, Matthew doesn't give a shit about Michelle or Kelly is because I don't feel that whoever is in charge of promoting albums is not doing their job right,.

    Look at when Michelle's album came out, how many shows did she do? Same with Kelly? How are people gonna buy it, when they don't know its out, that's why they need to bloody promote.

    I don't know if Solange is Managed by Matthew too, but i suppose she is. How many show and appearances did she do, how many damn award shows.

    That's why i think, Kelly and Michelle are not given a shit about.

  3. Both Kelly and Michelle did alot of appearances and performaces for the album, From GMA to Today Show, Late night show. Kelly was touring in England promoting her album and the ppl over there loves her. so you cant say that Matthew don't care about Kelly & Michelle.


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